Chesterville fundraiser nets almost $1,300 for single-mothers’ home in Dominican Republic

TLC Ministries Lynn Ford stands with guests (from left) Lynn Menard, Bonnie Scheer-Porteous, Huguette Burns and Penny Barr. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

High Tea, High Fashion Extravaganza in support of ‘Tree of Life Project’

CHESTERVILLE — Almost $1,300 raised at Sunday’s fundraiser will help complete the walls on a refuge for single mothers that TLC Ministries’ ‘Tree of Life Project’ began building this summer in the Domincan Republic.

“The walls are up to 10 feet tall now, so it’s exciting,” reported TLC Ministries’ Lynn Ford, acknowledging that several more fundraisers will be necessary to see the project through at the site about an hour and half outside Punta Cana. Ford anticipated the Sept. 22 event at the Chesterville Legion would collect enough to at least cover the cost of completing those exterior walls as well as an arched wall being erected between the kitchen and main living area in the new facility.

Below, Lisa Williams of Winchester’s Main Street Clothing presides over a fashion show during the ‘High Tea High Fashion Extravaganza’ fundraiser.

A storey-and-a-half design, the 2,000-square-foot structure will feature two bedrooms, bathrooms, small apartment, and “humungous” shared kitchen and living areas. Ford suggested volunteers from Canada could “come to the beach for a week” then help out at the home for a few days, paying only for their food during their stay.

The unfurnished building will cost an estimated $80,000 to build, she said, adding, “The next step is the roof. We have to go step by step because I don’t have all the money.”

The project finally broke ground this past July, four years after TLC purchased the land in a small village. “We were going there every year to mentor this family,” Ford explained, and it was on one of those trips she became aware of a high number of young single mothers in need of support. “This family will be the matrons of the house,” she noted. “They will be teaching the residents when we are not there.”

Approximately 30 local women turned out for the High Tea, High Fashion Extravaganza. Amanda Burger of the Victoria Street Café catered the tea, while Lisa Williams of Winchester’s Main Street Clothing Company served up the fashion — staging a show featuring some of the latest outfits from her shop.
See a gallery of images from the event, below.
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