100-plus Caring Women in North Stormont goes ahead Oct. 3

Above, a couple of the key organizers of 100+ Caring Women in North Stormont: Adelle Densham (left) and Nancy Wert.

Four charities competing for support

NORTH STORMONT — A few seats remain for community-minded women to take part in North Stormont’s inaugural 100+ Caring Women event, whose organizers have settled on four charities up for consideration at the special gathering early next month

The ‘100 Women/Men Who Care’ phenomenon has swept the region over the last couple of years, and participants in this rural township’s turn will mull over the Avonmore Community Athletic Association, Crysler Community Centre, Roxborough Agricultural Society and the Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation.

With $10,000 set to be distributed, representatives from each of those organizations will make their pitches to the women assembling Oct. 3 at North Stormont Place in Avonmore. Each of the 100 or so women in attendance will have made out a $100 cheque destined to benefit the winning charity chosen by secret ballot. If it turns out the winner asked for less than the $10,000 maximum, the remaining sum goes toward the request of the second-place finisher and down the line with any leftovers beyond that.

Eric Duncan — former North Dundas mayor and current Conservative candidate in the federal election — will serve as keynote speaker. Duncan has helped spearhead similar 100 Men/100 Women events in North Dundas.

The occasion in Avonmore  kicks off with a social hour beginning at 6:30 p.m., with all speeches and voting wrapped up at 8:30. Register at this link if you haven’t yet claimed a spot at the event. Charitable receipts are issued to donors 30 days after the event.

This rundown of the vying charities comes from the organizers’ website:

Avonmore Community Athletic Association

​The Avonmore Community Athletic Association (ACAA) is applying for support to assist with our plans to create a new park for our community. The steps we are currently taking to achieve our 5-year park project is applying for charity grants and continuous fundraising. Unfortunately, in summer 2019, our community park structure was not accessible to the public, as it required repair. Our dilemma is, the replacement parts are discontinue and “make shift” repair is only a “short term” fix for a “long term” problem.

The ACAA is applying for the full sum of $10,000 to go towards the cost to purchase a new swing set for the Avonmore park. We want to give the community the opportunity to create their own memories of a fun, play experience as our current swing set is in need of replacement. Our goal is to purchase “A Biggo Spia Solo Assembly 2”, created by Dynamo Playgrounds. The cost of this is $11,340.00. This set comes with two regular swings and the Biggo swing seat. The Biggo seat sits 6 people, is inclusive = handicap accessible, builds balancing skills, and the forever fun swinging feature.

Recreational parks improve social, environmental, and economic and health benefits to their community and their residents. If ACAA can provided a well-designed, attractive, welcoming park in Avonmore, this will enhance both community and individual well-being by providing a place where people can safely gather, play and connect. 

Crysler Community Center

In 2003 we opened our brand new kid’s playground park in Crysler. The park is used non-stop by children throughout the spring, summer and fall days. It is also used all summer long by the children attending our summer camps. 16 years later, we needed to update all cables that were either broken or used by the sun (Mosquito cable net, Cable Bridge, Spider web, cable net and cable latter). We have worked with the Township to replace all broken parts but the Community Centre must raise 50% of the project cost which comes up to $5,546.49. We have raised $2,300.00 during our Crysler Funday, June’s Community Supper and Paint Night. The Optimist Club will also be hosting a Trivia Night in October for which all profits will be given to the park updates. We are foreseeing a short fall to achieve our goal of $5,546.49. We ask for your consideration towards helping us meet our funding goal of $5,000.

Roxborough Agricultural Society

The Roxborough Agricultural Society (RAS) would like to improve the functionality and appearance of the Fairgrounds in Avonmore. To meet our improvement goals we are seeking $10,000, to purchase bleachers for seating (used at fair, sports hosted on grounds for local youth, Canada Day festivities) and planting trees to improve the appearance of the grounds, as well as provide much needed shade at summer events. The plan is to plant the trees in the spring of 2020 and have the bleachers in place for the summer events 2020. The total Budget for this is $12,890.37 and this would provide portable seating for 200 people. A sign listing all the names of the donors would be created and placed near the bleachers for Fair weekend for all to see in the coming years.

Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation

An ambulance arrives at the WDMH Emergency Department (ED), with a critically ill patient, suffering from a life-threatening medical crisis – like a stroke, a heart attack, or trauma. That patient is transferred onto a trauma stretcher in our resuscitation room. This room is for our sickest patients. The patient might be an adult, or a child. They need a lot of care, tests, and treatments – some of which require knowing the patient’s weight. If the patient is too sick to be moved, staff have to estimate their weight before they can provide care.

One of our trauma stretchers needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Today’s trauma stretchers have built-in scales and an x-ray platform, which ensure an accurate weight and the ability to do x-rays without having to move the patient. Having an accurate weight is best in resuscitation and when prescribing medications, helping the ED team treat our patients with enhanced accuracy. You can bring this new stretcher to WDMH and ensure staff have accurate weights for our sickest patients. You can help make what is likely someone’s worst day of their life a little bit better. How great is that?! Your gift of $8,000 to our General Equipment Fund would mean that this new stretcher would be ordered within a few weeks. Provincial government funding doesn’t cover everything WDMH needs to provide patient care, including medical equipment. The Foundation works with caring donors to help ensure excellent, compassionate care – close to home. Donors like you.




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