Necklace commemorating late Chucky Markel returned to his daughter

Seen in above photos: (left) Recently-deceased Charles 'Chucky" Markell. (Right) The stolen necklace pendant containing the deceased's ashes. Courtesy photos

WINCHESTER — Samantha Markel has her late father’s commemorative necklace back in her hands.

Stolen from Markel’s place during an early September break-in while she was away at a local fair, the 19-year-old happily reports the item was returned today. Her mother picked it up from an intermediary who had received the necklace from an anonymous party wanting to return it to the family.

Chucky Markel died of cancer last January, and his daughter had the pendant made “as a way of keeping him to closer to her heart,” she told NVN last month.

The story of its theft reached thousands of people on social media.


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