Police searching for driver who took off on foot after ditching car in corn field

OPP cruisers and officers on Garlough Rd., in search of a fleeing motorist. Additional police vehicles were stationed on County Rd. 7, on the other side of the corn field. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

ELMA — Several SD&G OPP cruisers have gathered along a corn field situated between Garlough Rd. and County Rd. 7, just west of Elma, as officers search for a motorist who tried to elude police before taking off on foot around 3:45 p.m.

(Update: A 22-year-old South Dundas man was arrested in connection with this incident.)

An involved witness says a black Pontiac G5 sped eastbound down Garlough Rd. late this afternoon — with a cruiser in pursuit — after nearly running head-on into that same officer and two other vehicles on County Rd. 31.

Kit Wubs says the motorist turned northbound into a cornfield laneway and drove about halfway across to County Rd. 7 — still tailed by the cruiser (as well as Wubs in his Hyundai) — before getting stuck. The lone male driver then took off on foot across a soybean field, according to Wubs, who was first to arrive on scene at the laneway and waited

“I chased him about 50 feet into the field myself and lost site of him,” he says, adding the abandoned vehicle bore plate K CEZW 680.

Below, the location of the abandoned Pontiac, with GPS coordinates provided by Kit Wubs.

Wubs says it started as he personally travelled northbound on 31, north of Williamsburg.  The impatient Pontiac came up behind him and “sat on his bumper” before recklessly passing “a double solid, into oncoming traffic, on a hill,” he recounted. The obviously unimpressed officer at the wheel of the cruiser  turned around to apprehend the Pontiac, while Wubs began following the errant vehicle on Garlough Rd. Estimating the fleeing party’s speed at 90 km/h,  the Winchester resident says he watched from the side of Garlough Rd. as the Pontiac scrambled down the muddy laneway and got stuck. “I directed the officer in his direction, I then followed them … onto the farmer’s lane.”

He says the OPP canine unit was brought in to assist the search for the individual who disappeared into a wooded area.

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