S-D-SG candidates focus on agriculture in Finch all-candidates’ meeting

At the all-candidates’ meeting last Friday night in Finch (Oct. 11) (from left), Sabile Trimm (People’s Party of Canada), Kelsey Catherine Schmitz (New Democratic Party of Canada), Eric Duncan (Conservative Party of Canada), Heather Megill (Liberal Party of Canada) and Raheem Aman (Green Party of Canada). Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

FINCH — Agricultural issues took centre stage at the federal all-candidates’ meeting jointly hosted by the Stormont and Dundas federations of agriculture here Oct. 11.

Hot topics included the supply management system and the protection of farm operations from animal rights protesters.

It was the second such meeting in two days for Eric Duncan (Conservative), Kelsey Catherine Schmitz (NDP), Heather Megill (Liberal), Raheem Aman (Green) and Sabile Trimm (People’s Party of Canada). The contenders for the riding of Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry had also presented their respective platforms and took questions the previous evening in Winchester.

Stormont Federation of Agriculture past president Alan Kruzel served as moderator at the follow-up session in neighbouring North Stormont.

See the full proceedings in the video below. 
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