Competitors carve the land at annual Stormont County Plowing Match

A competitor at the Stormont County Plowing Match. Courtesy photo by Brian Mcrae.

INGLESIDE — Competitors put their efforts into making straight furrows last Saturday at the David Brown Construction property on Dafoe Rd., site of this year’s annual Stormont County Plowing Match.

The day’s traditional activities included various tractor and horse-drawn classes.

Marvin Waldroff of Newington was recognized as best local on scene, capturing the Bernard Beehler Trophy for Best Plowed Land by a Stormont resident.

Royalty was also in attendance — with 2019-2020’s Stormont County Queen of the Furrow Cassidy Smith and Princess of the Furrow Emily O’Connor both presiding at the event.

Plowing Class Results

Class 1A -Jointer Horse Plowing
1st – Stephane Bourgon, Casselman
2nd – Etienne L’Heureux, Lac-des-Écorces, Que.

Class 1B – Sulky Horse Plowing
1st – Dan Gorrill, Oakwood
2nd – Robert Jones, Brockville

Class 2A – Antique Tractors with Trail Plow
1st – Jean Marc Dessaint, Sarsfield
2nd – Michel Calande, Alfred

Class 2B – Antique Plowing, Competitors under 18 years of age
1st – Anthony Chevalley, Moose Creek

Class 2C – Antique plowing with a hydraulic mounted plow
1st – Nicole Calande, Alfred
2nd – Jeremy Chevalley, Moose Creek

Class 3B – Farm Standard – 3 furrow plows
1st – Barrie Smith, Berwick
2nd – Bernard Grady, Crysler

Class 4 – Competitors 18 years and under, open to all
1st – Justin Manley, Berwick
2nd – Douglas Robinson, Finch

Class 5A – 2-Furrow Competitive Plowing
1st – Ron Stinson, Kemptville
2nd – Allen Hills, Ashton

Class 5B – 3-Furrow Competitive Plowing
1st – Stephen Manley, Berwick

Class 7 Reversible
1st – Josef Bloderer, Mountain
2019-2020 Stormont County Princess of the Furrow – Emily O’Connor, Ingleside
2019-2020 Stormont County Queen of the Furrow – Cassidy Smith, Berwick

Best Open Split – Jean Marc Dessiant, Sarsfield
Best Crown – Allen Hills, Ashton
Best Finish – Mark Dowdall, Lanark
Best Plowed Land by Antique Tractor & Plough – Jean Marc Dessiant, Sarsfield
Youngest Plower – 11-year-old Justin Manley, Berwick
Oldest Plower – 77-year-old Jean Guy Thivierge, Hammond
Farthest Travelled Plower – Dan Gorrill, Oakwood and Kayla Manley, Toronto
Best Overall Plowed Land – Ron Stinson, Kemptville
Best Overall Plowed Land in Horse Classes – Stephan Bourgon, Casselman
Bernard Beehler Trophy – Best Plowed Land by a Stormont Resident – Marvin Waldroff, Newington

Courtesy photos below by Brian Mcrae.


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