Good show, good crowds as Ontario Demolition Derby concludes 2019 with ‘Season Ender Bender’ in Chesterville

In video above: A great show took place at the Chesterville Fairgrounds Oct. 19th … Wrex-Ville at Chesterville – Season Ender Bender 19′ drew a good crowd under sunny skies as Ontario Demolition Derby staged its last smash-up derby of 2019. Fifty-seven cars took part. In the clip, competitor Robbie Chartier drives his vehicle under another and later flips his car during the “demo-cross” portion of the event. Nobody was hurt.

CHESTERVILLE — Fifty-seven vehicles smashed themselves to smithereens in brilliant October sunshine yesterday.

By all accounts, ‘Wrex-ville in Chesterville, Season Ender Bender’ was a smashing success, drawing a good crowd to the spectacle at the Chesterville fairgrounds.

For the Chesterville Agricultural Society — operators of the August Chesterville Fair — the event continues a recent tradition of hosting a popular October follow-up event at the grandstands in partnership with Ontario Demolition Derby.

Competition winners

Demo-X Heat 1 – 13A Andrew Richardson $75

Demo-X Heat 2 – 97 Cory Porteous $75

Demo-X Heat 3 – B11 Robbie Chartier $75

Demo-X Heat 4 – Enjo Doug Collins $75

Demo-X Feature – Enjo Doug Collins $200

Mini Heat 1 and 2 – Stopped at the Top 4

Mini Consi – Stopped at Top 3

Mini Feature: 1st – 48 John Chartrand $1,000; 2nd – 0512 Blair Meiklejohn $500

Midsize Feature: 1st – 515 Jesse Schultz $400; 2nd – 11 Teddy Baird $100

Fullsize Feature: 1st – 12 Darwin Lapenskie $1,000; 2nd – 71 Rich Strange $300

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