Baby reported falling from car in Morrisburg

MORRISBURG — A baby fell out of a car travelling through Morrisburg’s main intersection yesterday, according to a report called in to the SD&G OPP by two different witnesses.

The driver of the involved SUV immediately stopped, jumped out and quickly bundled the child back into vehicle car before taking off a moment later as at least two stunned motorists watched from other vehicles at the intersection of county roads 2 and 31.

SD&G OPP Const. Tylor Copeland confirmed that two sources reported the Oct. 24 incident after 8:30 a.m. He said the detachment possesses only a partial plate number for the involved vehicle — reported to be a white Toyota — and the ensuing investigation has turned up no injured child treated at local hospital in connection with the event. “Obviously, there was no injury,” surmised Copeland.

On first glance, the child “didn’t appear to be injured,” confirmed a witness, who spoke to NVN on condition of anonymity. The local motorist said he was eastbound on County Rd. 2 and headed through the intersection when the scene unfolded “in about five seconds.” He looked left and caught a glimpse of a child, about a year old, “sitting up” in the middle of the westbound lane leading onto northbound 31. An adult male was running towards the baby, having emerged from a white Toyota or Honda. “I’m driving through the intersection, and I see the other car going around that westbound lane, and then he’s stopped and running, and I see him picking up a child.”

The witness, who called police, believes the child tumbled out of the rear passenger-side door, which was open.

Failing to have a child properly restrained in the vehicle might be an initial charge that could apply in this case, according to Copeland.





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