66-year-old charged with failing to secure child after baby tumbles out of car in Morrisburg

An SD&G OPP cruiser. Smith photo, Nation Valley News file

MORRISBURG — A 66-year-old motorist has been charged with driving without properly securing a child passenger after a baby fell out of a car in Morrisburg last week.

The driver was charged with that Highway Traffic Act offence after the fact — following reports to police by witnesses who saw the baby on the asphalt of the westbound lane connecting County Rd. 2 to northbound County Rd. 31, on the morning of Oct. 24. NVN carried a story the next day after hearing from a witness and confirming with the SD&G OPP that two reports had been called in to the detachment.

“Following your article we received some more information and located the driver of the vehicle,” Const. Tylor Copeland told NVN today, confirming the driver has been charged with “Drive while child passenger not properly secured 106(4)(b).”

A witness who saw the baby sitting up on the road in the seconds after the incident estimated his or her age at about one year. The man behind the wheel was seen running out of the vehicle and quickly scooping up the child before driving away.

Copeland did not know how such a little child might have opened the back door on the passenger vehicle so as to tumble out. When asked by email if an older brother or sister might have inadvertently assisted, the officer replied, “That’s a great question, which I don’t have an answer for.”

After reports of the incident, police had contacted local hospitals and found that no child was treated for injury after falling out of a moving vehicle. The child “was taken to doctor as precaution but I have no update as to injuries,” Copeland said.

This report was edited to reflect Const. Copeland’s brief statement on the child being taken to doctor.


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