Report ‘minor crime online,’ new OPP video advises public

ONTARIO — Don’t call police or 9-1-1 when confronted with a minor property crime. Instead, report the incident to the OPP online at

That’s the message of a new video released by the provincial police force today, which seems to parody a man who furiously dials 9-1-1 upon discovering his coffee card and $10 in change were stolen from inside his undamaged vehicle.

“It’s gone, everything’s gone,” he informs the emergency dispatcher. “Send everyone!” he demands as the clip cuts to a rapid sequence of footage showing a police dog, cruiser, boat, motorcycle, ATV and helicopter deployed as a result of the call.

“That sounds like a minor crime,” an unsmiling officer tells him moments later. “Next time, report it online,” the officer says, handing an information card with policy details to the understanding caller, who had also reported losing a gift intended for his nephew.

The minor crime scenes police don’t want to be directly summoned to include theft under $5,000, mischief/damage to vehicle under $5,000, mischief/damage to property under $5,000, lost or missing property under $5,000, after-the-fact driving complaints, stolen licence plates and thefts from inside vehicles. Go online and use instead.

Flashback: OPP test new GPS dart technology

The provincial force embarked on a pilot test of the Satellite Technology Apprehension Response system in 2017.

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