NDDHS holds teacher look-a-like spirit day

Above, this year's North Dundas District High School's (NDDHS) Minister of Communications, Carley Milne-Servage. Courtesy photo

by Carley Milne-Servage
NDDHS Minister of Communications

On Friday, November 15, many students showed their creativity and spirit by picking a teacher and imitating their unique school style. There were students dressed as a variety of different staff members, and some teachers even jumped at the chance to dress as students. You can see pictures of these students and staff on the North Dundas Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NorthDundasDHS/posts/2481931861862481, and they will definitely be making the yearbook! Thanks for your participation! 

Our prom fundraiser continues until November 27, and information has been sent home with students. If they would like to pick up a catalogue and order form, they can find them in the main office. Remember, these bags make great Christmas gifts for others or even for yourself! Be sure to shop under the NDDHS Prom Fundraiser Party!

Finally, Mrs. Cameron has started an art club during lunch and recess for Intermediate students, and this month they are working on a Calm Winter Landscape scene. We can’t wait to see their masterpieces!

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