Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Ernie Hardeman, makes official Statement regarding CN Rail Strike

OMAFRA Minister Ernie Hardeman, in North Dundas Township. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

by Ernie Hardman
Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

ONTARIO — The continuing CN Rail strike is of serious and urgent concern to our government, as rural, remote, and northern communities in Ontario rely on CN Rail for shipping of

propane. From people needing to heat their homes to farmers who are unable to dry their grain after a difficult and wet harvest, this makes life harder for people in rural Ontario.

Farmers have felt the deep impacts of a difficult, wet growing season. Farmers now seeking to dry their grain are finding themselves without the necessary supplies to do so, which is putting their crops at serious risk. Farmers are at the point where their dryers are shut off, and they are unable to dry their grains. This creates more hardship for Ontario’s hard-working farmers. Thousands of Ontario homes in rural, remote, and northern communities rely on propane for heating.

I have reached out to Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau, and we had a positive conversation on the matter.

Understanding the deep impacts this is having on the people of Ontario – especially our farmers and rural communities – we are calling on both sides of the dispute to come to a speedy resolution.

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