South Mountain Scotiabank branch to close June 18, 2020

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SOUTH MOUNTAIN — This village’s Scotiabank branch is set to join the list of closed rural banks.

Current accounts will move to the bank’s Kemptville 300 Colonnade Drive location on June 18, 2020, Scotiabank has confirmed.

The “difficult” decision to close South Mountain was made “after careful consideration,” the bank says in a response supplied by Scotiabank’s Canadian Banking Communications Manager Daniela Da Silva.

“We recognize our customers’ needs are changing with more people choosing online and digital channels. Like any business, we regularly review our branch network, the number of customers that we serve in the market area, and the way that those customers are doing their banking. Our review includes a full area market analysis and is not limited to one branch, or to rural or urban areas. That review includes such things as proximity of the branch to other Scotiabank branches and customer traffic at branches across the market area.

“Our steadfast commitment to the customers we serve at all of our branches remains unchanged. Our branches continue to be a cornerstone of our distribution strategy and critical to the way we interact and engage with our customers.

“At this time we cannot confirm if a bank machine will remain in South Mountain after June 18, 2020. Scotiabank will work with all of our affected customer to assist with this transition and our team is committed to hosting seminars to assist customers with the move, and demonstrate online banking applications and other banking options.”



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