CPS Parent Council hosts annual Christmas dinner for staff and students

Above, CPS Parent Council and student volunteers. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

CHESTERVILLE — In annual tradition Chesterville Public School (CPS) held a holiday feast for staff and students at the Chesterville Legion earlier today. 

All 180+ students and staff were bussed to the legion thanks to the generosity of 3 local bus drivers. 

The North Dundas District High School choir and band  filled the room with festive music while attendees enjoyed their homemade meals.

As usual, all the food was kindly donated and prepared by the amazing ladies of of CPS’s Parent Council.

A Christmas dinner wouldn’t be the same without Santa Claus of course! ‘The Big Guy’ made his appearance just before lunch was served. He sat with several students and posed with them for pictures and video.

Principal Darryl Beck thanked the Parent Council for their hard work and told them that, “In my 20 years of working within the school system, I have never been to a school that does this! Chesterville Public is the only school I know of that puts this meal on. So thank you all so much!”

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