Morrisburg couple takes ‘Decking the Halls’ to a whole new level

Above, Ed and Rozanne Knight, Morrisburg's very own Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

Kelsey Smith 
Nation Valley News

MORRISBURG — Who needs to visit the North Pole when you can take a trip through a Christmas museum inside a Morrisburg home?

Ed and Rozanne Knight, of Morrisburg, are two of the biggest Christmas fans anyone would meet. After 47 years of collecting Christmas decorations, walking through their house this time of year is more like walking into a Christmas shrine. 

The Knights have always been huge Christmas fanatics. Their festive purchases began in 1976 when the couple first moved in together in their then Cannington home. 

Ed is a very jolly person by nature so of course playing ‘The Big Guy’ came very natural to him. 

Rozanne explained how he began impersonating Santa at her dad’s store taking polaroid photos with kids as they came in. 

Knight enjoyed the sentiment so much that he continued to put on the suit for the next 22 years for various parades, daycares, schools, and fire halls. 

While residing in Cannington the Knights participated in two house tours and just recently took part in the South Dundas Christmas Tour benefiting local charities. 

They estimated that they had about 130 people come through their house that day.

“I would do it again in a heartbeat! It went very well!” Rozanne exclaimed.

Above, a small portion of their beautiful village. Some pieces, like the carousel, even play music and spin. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

Rozanne got right into the Christmas spirit by making up a large batch of homemade apple cider and shortbread cookies to serve. 

“People were very careful and tidy. It was great!” she said. 

The Knights moved to Morrisburg in 2017 and were amazed by the amazing community. 

“We are absolutely loving it here! Our neighbours are fantastic and everyone in town is so welcoming.” Rozanne boasted. 

In past years they used to wait until November but Ed’s health has been depleted and is now on oxygen 24/7 so he can only do small bits at a time. 

“Ed loves to decorate for Christmas. It’s probably his biggest hobby,” his dear wife explained. “He loves it, he just loves it!”

In fact, he loves the season so much one of his nicknames is Clark, as in Clark Griswold from the ever-popular holiday classic, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Which is very fitting considering that when walking through the house there are a few pieces of memorabilia including a jersey with the name Griswold written across the back, the famous moose eggnog glasses and even a squirrel in their living room tree.

Above, ed’s Griswold jersey. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

Above, A replica of the famous leg lamp from the Christmas classic, ‘A Christmas Story’. 

Above, a replica of the ‘Polar Express’ chugs along under their living room tree. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

The Knights have so many decorations their decorating begins in mid-October. It takes over 40 totes to store all of their decorations, not including their six Christmas trees that they don’t even bother to disassemble. 

Yes you read that right, six Christmas trees! One for every room in their house minus the basement. 

Before officially moving to Morrisburg they rented a Uhaul truck to ship just their Christmas supplies.

“I don’t remember the exact length but it was definitely the biggest one Uhaul had and it was right full,” said their daughter Janine Jennings.

All these decorations do come with a price. The Knights estimate that they go through about eight packs of 24 ‘AA’ batteries, six packs of ‘AAA’ batteries, a 10-pack of C’s, and two packs of Ds. Not to mention the approximate $100 increase on their Hydro bill.

Each room and tree has its own theme including a penguin room, nutcracker room, and snowman room. 

Even the bathroom is decked out with yuletide adornments. The toilet paper roll sings as it dispenses and a snowman sitting on the back of the toilet talks when it senses motion.

Rozanne loves not only the festive decorations but the food as well.

“I don’t eat much actual food this time of year. Just mostly chocolates and cookies,” she laughed. 

Rozanne is as close to Mrs.Claus as one could get. She bakes tons of Christmas cookies, quilts, sews, and even dresses the part at times. 

Janine approached Nation Valley News to write this article for her parents.

“It’s a Christmas present for them. What do you get for people that already have everything?

Her parents loved it.

Nation Valley News asked if they would continue to add to their collection or if they had enough and Rozanne replied, “If it was something really special then we would.”

Janine joked, “Everytime I come here for Christmas I see something different, it’s like a real-life Search and Find!”

Ed and Rozanne invite anyone to come and see their Christmas collection anytime from now until New Years. All they ask is that you bring a donation of non-perishable food for the foodbank and call them ahead, 613-543-1863.

Above, a view of their outdoor display at night. Courtesy photo

See the gallery of additional photos at the Knight home, below.
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