Buy Catch the Ace tickets for Sunday’s draw in Russell — jackpot expected to exceed $20K

RUSSELL — What to do with over $20,000? A bucket list vacation, pay off those dreaded credit cards, do some renovations, a down-payment on a home, or …

The current “Catch the Ace” lottery, the third licence sponsored by the Kin Club of Russell, is growing quickly. The reason for this rapid growth? Six local charities of Cystic Fibrosis Canada, Breast Cancer Action Ottawa, Osgoode Care Centre, Russell Minor Hockey Association, Valoris Foundation and Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation have expanded both the area and clientele for this popular progressive lottery.

The jackpot is anticipated to reach $20,000.00 on the December 29th draw.  The Kin Club of Russell holds its weekly draw on Sundays, 3:15 Étienne Brûlé Brewery in Embrun where some devoted fans of the lottery come to get their last-minute ticket or tickets to enter their names in the draw. 

The Kin Club of Russell has also developed an online version of this extremely popular lottery offered in many communities, allowing patrons from across Ontario to participate. Supporters of local charities can get their online tickets every week by going to where they can choose one specific charity or all charities.  Tickets are available exclusively to Ontario residents over 18 years of age.

Visit for more information on purchasing tickets online. Sales close 10 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 28, for the draw on the 29th. 

Offered at $5 each, tickets are also sold during the week at selected ticket outlets: Étienne Brûlé Brewery, 893 Notre Dame St, Embrun; Embrun Convenience, 951 Notre Dame St, Embrun; Russell Foodland, 148 Craig St, Russell; Pronto Convenience Store, 1119 Concession St, Russell; Kelly’s Boutique (Ottawa)1747 St Laurent; Osgoode Care Centre (Ottawa); Metcalfe Pharmacy (Metcalfe); Valoris (Embrun); Boni Choix (Embrun); Daniel’s No Frills (Casselman); Winchester Foodland; Winchester District Memorial Hospital; Brinston General Store (Brinston) as well as from a select group Russell Kin members. 

More information is available by calling the Kin Club of Russell at 613-445-6483; emailing at; and by their visiting their website at, as well as the Kin Club of Russell Facebook page.

Also be sure to show your interest in the official Facebook event and help build momentum for this worthy cause!

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