Chesterville Bowling Lanes Pin Tallies

For week ending January 5

Monday Men’s: Men’s High Single, Matt Bird 319; Men’s High Triple, Marc Robinson 798; Men’s High Average, Marc Robinson 248. 

Team Standings: Raiders 85.5, East-Ont 85, A-Team 66, Alley Cats 61.5, Alley Rats 57, Country Boys 53.

Thursday Seniors: Men’s High Single, John Mcgarrety 170; Men’s High Triple, John Mcgarrety 440; Ladies’ High Single, Joke Vanwinden 173; Ladies’ High Triple, Joke Vanwinden 481.

Avonmore Mixed: Men’s High Single, Frank Jerome 253; Men’s High Triple, Frank Jerome 672; Ladies’ High Single, Adeline Mathieu/Judy Macgillvary 207; Ladies’ High Triple, Judy MacGillivary 529. Team Standings: Akitas 178, Pomeranians 168.5, ChowChows 157, Labradors 156, Poodles 152,Boxers 133.5. Les Dynamiques: Men’s High Single, Pierre Briere 278; Men’s High Triple, Pierre Briere 583; Ladies’ High Single, Rejeanne Lafebvre 370; Ladies’ High Triple, Rejeanne Lafebvre 760.

Williamsburg Mixed: Men’s High Single, Darryl Britton (spare) 304; Men’s High Triple, Darryl Britton (spare) 765; Ladies’ High Single, Erin Drapeau/Judy Simser 265; Ladies’ High Triple, Judy Simser 643. Team Standings: George’s Gang 99, Garry’s Angles 90, Fuzzy Leprechaun’s 80, Corner Pins 76, Strugglers 68.5, Wow Team 66.5.

Winchester Odd Couples: Men’s High Single, Darryl Britton 226; Men’s High Triple, Darryl Britton 617; Men’s High Average, Troy Flaro 247; Ladies’ High Single, Beth Reid 196; Ladies’ High Triple,Beth Reid 475; Ladies’ High Average, Pat Middleton 167. Team Standings: Pin Pluckers 168.5, mental Mishaps 161.5, The Chickipoos 161, Harley 158.5, King Henry’s Court 158.5, The Morrisburg Sandbaggers 152.

Youth Bowling Canada

YBC Peewees: Girl’s High Single, Ivy Michaud 93; Girl’s High Double, Danika Bissonnette 172; Boy’s High Single, Isaac Bradley 104; Boy’s High Double, Isaac Bradley 196. Team Standings: Bruins 100, Kings 92, Leafs 68.5, Sharks 59.5.

YBC Bantams: Girls’ High Single, Isabella Gaudette 175; Girl’s High Double, Cheyenne Lanoue 315;

Boy’s High Single, Clark Sanders 163; Boy’s High Double, Clark Sanders 316. Team Standings: Coyotes 148, Avalanche 144, Rangers 136.5, Red Wings 116 Flames 115, Jets 113.5, Blackhawks 111.

YBC Juniors: Girl’s High Single, Lindsay Burnett 272; Girl’s High Triple, Lindsay Burnett 637; Boy’s High Single, Alex Robinson 203; Boy’s High Triple, Alex Robinson 533. Team Standings: Sabers 97, Senators 96.5, Ducks 94.5.

YBC Seniors: Girl’s High Single, Rachel Puenter 213; Girl’s High Triple, Rachel Puenter 549. Team

Standings: Canucks 80, Panthers 64.


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