Snowmen bring smiles in Chesterville

CHESTERVILLE — Whimsical inukshuk-esque snowmen have been popping up along the streets of Chesterville this week, putting smiles on the faces of village residents.

The spindly snow structures have garnered positive reviews on social media, and comments of condemnation for those who might damage them.

“Was in chesterville last evening and I thought how cool they look. Very creative mind to come up with this,” wrote Mimi Droppo in a Facebook post.

Michelle Fawcett also opined on Facebook: “I love it, and the person that is building them said “it is fun and makes me happy”. Good for him. Shame on the person who purposely knocked two down. They add fun to our town and make people smile.”

Fawcett further noted that the male artist behind the snowmen also “walks the street and picks up garbage to keep our village clean. Keep on building buddy, hugs!”


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