Duncan invites Tory leadership candidate Décarie to chat after he describes homosexuality as “a choice”

S-D-SG MP Eric Duncan

STORMONT-DUNDAS-SOUTH GLENGARRY — Local MP Eric Duncan has launched his own retort to federal Tory leadership candidate Richard Décarie, whose comments about homosexuality during a television interview yesterday are drawing fire on social media.

Décarie told CTV Power Play host Evan Solomon that being gay is a choice and described LGBTQ as a “Liberal term.”

“I think it’s a choice,” the former aide to former Prime Minister Stephen Harper said during the interview, after Solomon asked the Quebec-based social conservative if he believed homosexuality was biological or not.

“How people are behaving is one thing. I think government has responsibility to encourage the traditional value that we have had for the past years,” he said.

The performance earned a response from Duncan — the only openly gay MP in the Conservative caucus — who tweeted last evening: “Hi Mr. Décarie, I don’t know you at all. But I’m a proud new Conservative MP from rural Eastern Ontario. We should probably chat about my life ‘choices’.”

Responses to Duncan’s tweet run the gamut from outright support, to using the situation to attack the Tory brand and chastise the Winchester resident for being a member of the Conservative Party of Canada.

“Preach,” tweeted Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce in support.

“Say what you want. You’re in lock step with the Ford, Kenny and Scheer and all the other conservatives who would prefer your rights limited,” tweeted Steve Dodd, on the accusatory side.

Others saw a more conspiratorial element to Décarie’s entry in the race to replace outgoing leader Andrew Scheer, suggesting his participation was intended to let the other contenders “virtue signal” on the issue.

“Eric, as one of your constituents, I have to point out that this whole interview seems staged so that MacKay, Pierre Poilievre, and Erin O’Toole can demonstrate their indignation and support for LGBTQ,” tweeted Jamie Fraser.

“He’s a plant so that the others can virtue signal. This isn’t even an issue. Indigenous having clean drinking water, our veterans and homelessness are issues,” tweeted Cherylscotian1.

Conservatives will pick their new leader June 27 in Toronto.

Meanwhile, a Facebook poll conducted by NVN last month found two-thirds of respondents want rookie MP Duncan, a former longtime mayor of North Dundas, to run for the leadership of his party. The poll drew responses from 549 people.

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