WDMH Foundation now covers Dundas Manor, too

The new logo for The WDMH Foundation is shown in the corner of an NVN file photo of the 2018 40th anniversary celebrations at Dundas Manor.

‘Expanding our family — and completing the circle of care!’ says Foundation

WINCHESTER — Formerly known as the Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation, the organization is now set to raise money for neighbouring Dundas Manor, too, and has adopted a (somewhat) new name and revamped logo to go along with this expanded mandate.

Now known as The WDMH Foundation — with the DM in a separate colour as a nod to Dundas Manor — the change  anticipates the “provincial government will soon be announcing that a new home will be built” to replace the existing Dundas Manor building, according to the fundraising entity that previously focused on the hospital exclusively.

If and when the province makes that capital funding commitment toward a share of the rebuild, “remaining costs need to be raised through community support,” explains the The WDMH Foundation, which will lead those fundraising efforts.

“For us — as a health care, fundraising organization — it just makes sense,” says the Foundation’s Managing Director Kristen Casselman. “The Foundation already works alongside donors in support of
compassionate care in our community from babies to seniors — and now we want to build upon
that commitment. We are excited to welcome Dundas Manor to our family.”

Donors still have a choice as to how their generous gifts are used, the Foundation emphasizes, and funds already raised for the hospital will remain with that institution.

Watch for more details about the Foundation’s expanded fundraising efforts and the new Dundas Manor over the next few months, the organization says.


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