Generous donations support WDMH surgical team

Above, Dr. Michelle Davey is one of the many surgeons benefiting from this new OR equipment. Courtesy photo

WINCHESTER — Every year, there are more than 4,700 surgeries at WDMH. For each patient’s procedure, specialized equipment ensures the surgeons have the best tools in hand. Because of our generous donors, the Foundation has funded three new pieces of equipment for the operating room – a new camera head, a second glidescope, and an image guidance system. The total cost is $66,414.75.

“We are so grateful to our donors,” says Kristen Casselman, Managing Director. “New equipment such as this helps to improve efficiencies and offer more services close to home.”

The camera head is used to see inside a patient’s body during laparoscopic surgery. The original camera head was broken and needed to be replaced. 

The glidescope is used to secure a patient’s airway and manage their breathing. The anesthetist then has a clear view to safely intubate a patient.

The image guidance system helps ear, nose and throat surgeons navigate the sinuses during surgery. This instrument has a tracking chip for each patient and allows the surgeon to guide the procedure on a monitor.

Kristen Casselman sums up the impact of these donations: “Many people are surprised to learn that the provincial government does not fund the purchase of medical equipment for Ontario hospitals. To help ensure that WDMH has the right tools to provide excellent health care for our patients, the Foundation works with donors who care about WDMH and who want to make an impact. Thank you!”

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