Local broomball teams bring home 5 out of 7 Gold Medals from provincials

U14 Boys Division -Stealth – Gold Medal. Back Row (left to right): Carson Garrod, Maxime Robineau, Phillip Leclerc, David Corbin, Frank Fortin, Stephane Lafontaine (trainer), [missing: Marc Robinson (manager)] Middle row: Al Reid (coach), Loic Savage, Nathan Gignac, Alex Robinson, Ryder L'Ecuyer, Ethan Bray, Mathieu Leclerc (assistant coach) Front row: Ryder Giroux, Hugo Lafontaine, Noah Reid, Jack Moore, Alec Beauline Kneeling: Yannick Dupuis and Alex Simon. Courtesy photo

BARRIE — Eleven Eastern broomball teams travelled to Barrie for the 2020 Federations of Broomball Association of Ontario Provincial Championships that took place February 7-9. These eleven teams represented young athletes ranging in ages 8 to 19. Fifty-one teams competed in this year’s Provincial Championship, just shy of 750 athletes, and our Eastern teams did not disappoint. They brought home five golds and two silvers out of seven divisions!

Blue Beast – Silver Medal – Back row (left to right): Clark Sanders, Maggie Dorward, Olivier Binnette, Alex Richer (trainer), Jacob Theoret, Al MacDuff (manager), Kaleb Jodoin, Marc Robinson (assistant coach), Marcel Lafrance (coach); Middle row: Tobie Taillefer-Richer, Louis Flegg, Zoe Robineau, Averi Whitton, Lea Encarnacao, Nahla Heagle, Emily Smygwaty; Front row: Lucian Fournier, Olivier Lafrance, Lucas Seguin, Zach Robinson, Amber McCaig. Courtesy photo


U16 Boys Division Stealth – Silver Medal – Back row (left to right): Chase Dingwall, Cole Cummings Bilmer, Greg Harps, Cameron MacDonald, Noah Drouin-Guerts, Olivier Brisson, Connor Toonen-Godda, Simon Gagné, Maxime Binette, Mathieu Fortin, Nadine Leblanc (coach), Xavier Leclerc (assistant coach); Front row: Jacob Leblanc, Philippe Clermont, Joey Leblanc, Ronan Foster, Nicholas Benoit, Zac L’Ecuyer. Courtesy photo


U14 Girls Division – Warriors – Gold Medal: Back row (left to right): Grace Henry, Alexane Paquette, Coralie Dagenais, Audrey Decontie-
Carpentier, Mya Chesire, Kirah Decontie-Twenish, Middle row: Carolyn MacMillan (trainer), Morgan Wereley, Aneliesa Reid, Darynn Johnson, Emma MacLean, Cathia Blanchard, Marika Leblanc, Hailey Pynenburg, Lindsay Burnett, Caroline Sanders, Bill Pynenburg (coach), [missing: Gail Henry (assistant coach)] Front: Kaydence Toonen. Courtesy photo

U12 Mixed Division – Rebels – Gold Medal: Back row (left to right): Sebastien Blanchard (coach), Olivier Leclerc, Annika Michaud, Andrea Patenaude, Alex Corbin, Jeremy Blanchard, Mike Argue (manager), [missing: Mathieu Leclerc(trainer)]; Middle row: Peter Alec Munroe, Paige Michaud, Sara-Michelle Leblanc, Janika Paquette, Makenna Clement; Front row: Gail Henry (assistant coach), Damien Lavigne, Yvrick Taillefer-Richer, Samuel Brisson, Dawson Henry, Jonah Drouin-Guerts, Lucas Beauline. Courtesy photo

U16 Girls Division: Stealth – Gold Medal. Back row (left to right): Yves Bray (coach), Kathryn Larocque, Savanna Rochon, Jordyn Burnett, Kristen Currie, Hailey Smygwaty, Dylhyla Twenish, Christina Durant (manager); Middle row: Sharon Reid (coach), Shyne Cote-Ratt, Isabelle Ouellette, Pacey Rochon, Melanie Fogarty, Daphne Bray, Ashley Melbourne (coach);
Front row: Susan Nobert, Kaitlyn McGillivray, Aurora Giroux, Annika Vaillancourt, Breanna McIntosh. Courtesy photo


U20 Girls Division- Seaway Valley Devils – Gold Medal. Back row (left to right): Dawn MacDuff (trainer), Michelle DeRepentigny (coach), Jessica Richer, Jess Hendley, Marie-Eve Bouchard, Eliane Gignac, Constance Clermont, Sarah Large, Emily Large, Anna Schoeni, Mackenzie Kunz, Maxie DeRepentigny, Chris DeRepentigny (assistant coach), Celine DeRepentigny (manager); Front row: Sophie Sloan, Jasmine McNairn, Michaela Kunz, Brooklyn Woodside, Amelie Bouchard, Taylor Henry, Genevieve Ouellete, Claudie Dagenais, Ceilidh MacRae; Front lying: Keely Zandbelt

The teams congratulate all of their young athletes and an extra special thanks to all of their coaches, trainers, team managers and committee members for all the time and effort spent getting them ready for this provincial tournament.

Broomball is a fun and exciting sport that teaches young players about good sportsmanship, boosts self-esteem, provides regular high-cardio workout, all while being a very affordable sport.  If you would like more information about youth broomball leagues in our regions, please contact finchbroomball@gmail.com (Finch League), tanyazandbelt@fcc-fac.ca (Russell League), dmacduff14@hotmail.com  (Vankleek Hill League) or r.m.brown@hotmail.ca (Carleton Place).  

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