Township of South Stormont adjusts interim tax levy pay schedule

Above, South Stormont Community Hall. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

SOUTH STORMONT —  On February 12, Council of the Township of South Stormont set the 2020 interim tax levy. The interim levy approved included a recommendation to receive interim tax payments in two installments. 

Traditionally, the interim tax levy payment, which equals 50 percent of the previous year’s annualized property taxes, was due in one payment. To lessen the financial burden to taxpayers and ensure payments are received in a timely manner, Council split interim payments into two installments, to be due on March 31, and on May 29. 

“Council and Staff understand that 50 percent of the previous year’s taxes is a significant amount to pay in one installment,” says Township of South Stormont Mayor, Bryan McGillis. “We want to lighten that load on the taxpayer and hope that these changes will make those payments easier on the pocketbook.” 

Also new this year, taxpayers in Long Sault and Ingleside will no longer see the “Special Area Rate” on the property tax bill. The Special Area Rate was related to sewer charges. The result is a decrease in property tax billings for residents in these hamlets and a corresponding increase will be added to utility bills. This adjustment will ensure that all water and wastewater billings will be linked to usage, as opposed to the “Special Area Rate” which was linked to property assessment value.

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