Township of South Stormont sets 2020 water and wastewater rates and fee structure

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SOUTH STORMONT – On February 12, Council of the Township of South Stormont approved the 2020 water and wastewater rates. The rate approval includes the transition to a one-rate system for all water and wastewater users in the Township. The decision was based on recommendations accepted by Council on December 11, 2019 from the Water and Wastewater Rate Study Report provided by Watson & Associates. 

The new one-rate system for municipal water and wastewater services allows the Township to fund all systems within South Stormont at affordable and reasonable rates, while considering both short and long-term planning for operations, maintenance and capital projects. 

“It is important that the Township is prepared for the inevitable costs of maintenance of aging infrastructure,” says Township of South Stormont Mayor, Bryan McGillis. “Under the old rate system, two hamlets were underfunded, and even with significant increases in rates over the last two years, these hamlets were still not able to sustain water operations. A change was needed, and I think we have a fair and proactive system in place now to allow us to focus on both short and long-term costs.” 

The transition to the one-rate fee structure includes the removal of the “Wastewater Special Area Rate” from property tax bills for the hamlets of Ingleside and Long Sault. The Special Area Rate is incorporated into the wastewater rates for properties in Ingleside and Long Sault. The change will have little-to-no impact on the overall charges levied for wastewater. Homeowners will have all wastewater charges included in one bill. The change results in ALL water and/or wastewater rates being based on water usage, as opposed to the Special Area Rate which was linked to property assessment. 

The expected annual impact of the changes to the average household, including the incorporation of the Special Area Rate into the wastewater rate, are:

  •         $20 increase for Ingleside/Long Sault residents;
  •         $0 increase for Eamers Corners/Rosedale residents; and
  •         $300 decrease for Newington residents on water meters.  Residents without a water meter installed and operating will remain            at the 2019 annual flat rate.

Additional details about the approved 2020 Corporate and Water/Wastewater Operating and Capital Budgets can be found at

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