South Dundas supports Farm 911 The Emily Project 

SOUTH DUNDAS — On March 2, the South Dundas Council launched the Emily 911 Farm Entrance Program, inspired by the organization Farm 911 The Emily Project. 

The Emily 911 Farm Entrance Program will provide agricultural landowners with the opportunity to apply for a civic address for a farm field. Farm accidents often occur in remote locations making it difficult for first responders to locate the emergency in time. The installation of a civic address will make it easier for these first responders to identify the site of an accident or emergency and reduce their response time. 

“South Dundas has a vibrant agricultural community that continues to grow. As technology and farming practices evolve, farm safety is more important than ever. This important safety program is a welcome addition to our Municipality,” says Mayor Steven Byvelds. “I’d also like to thank Councillor Archie Mellan for being instrumental in leading this program in South Dundas.” 

Agricultural property owners interested in the program can access the applications from our website or at the South Dundas Municipal Centre. Completed applications can be returned to the South Dundas Municipal Centre along with a $125 fee. The Municipality will be offering the first 100 signs at a reduced rate of $75. A limit of two signs per landowner will be available at the reduced rate. For more information, visit

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