Russell Foodland partners with Kin Club of Russell to deliver groceries to those in need

Above, (l-r) Karine Boucher and Nick Beauchamp. Courtesy photo

RUSSELL — Russell Foodland Manager and avid community supporter Karine Boucher, decided to help out her clients and community amid the coronavirus pandemic, by having groceries delivered to those who could not leave their homes during this state of emergency. She just wanted to help. Her challenge — how to get them delivered. 

The Kin Club of Russell saw her gesture and offered their help. The results? Russell Foodland and the Kin Club of Russell partnered to take grocery orders, pack and deliver them in the local area. One of the Kin Club of Russell’s newest members, Nick Beauchamp, stepped up to coordinate Kin members and other volunteers with the scheduling of deliveries. 

Groceries will be placed in large bins and delivered in bags to the front door of anyone’s home, starting with 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. deliveries. The Kin members and volunteers will not step inside the home or have direct contact with the residents. 

Project Chair Nick Beauchamp also announced the deliveries are free of charge. Any and all tips will be directed towards the Embrun Food Bank. 

Persons interested in having groceries delivered should contact Russell Foodland by email at  with your name and phone number included. A member of Russell Foodland staff will contact them to confirm availability of product and payment method, along with the best time, address and date for delivery.

Persons interested in volunteering to help deliver groceries should contact Nick Beauchamp at  or at 613-894-0950.

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