Storm Internet undertakes precautionary measures to ensure continued service to its valued customers

Storm is closely monitoring the global and national developments in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. Contingency plans and processes are in place with a focus on ensuring the safety of our employees and the continuity of service to our clients.

Our core business, network, and client service functions are enabled to work remotely to continue providing our services in the event that employees are unable to access their workspaces.

All non-essential business travel for employees has been restricted. Return to work protocols are in place for employees who have recently traveled abroad. Storm has increased janitorial services in our offices to regularly disinfect workstations and shared surfaces. Additionally, employees have been educated on appropriate hygiene, social distancing techniques and the actions to take should symptoms arise, including self-isolation precautions.

With these precautionary measures and business contingency plans in place, please be assured
that Storm is doing all that we can to continue delivering the service you expect from us, should the
COVID-19 situation worsen.



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