MP Eric Duncan sounds alarm over Trudeau government ‘power grab’

Above, SDSG MP Eric Duncan.

OTTAWA — Local MP Eric Duncan is sounding the alarm over what he says is a “power grab” that will put federal spending power in the hands of the minority Trudeau government cabinet for the next 18 months.

“I am absolutely stunned that the federal government is trying to pull a total power grab in the midst of all this,” Duncan writes in a Facebook post this evening, condemning the provision in an emergency bill that goes to the House tomorrow. “This is an absolutely terrible and unnecessary move as millions of Canadians are waiting for the economic support they need,” says Duncan, prefacing his remarks by highlighting his own lack of partisanship on “this serious COVID-19 crisis.”

“My Conservative colleagues have acted in good faith, putting partisanship aside and offering our support and cooperation for the financial relief measures announced last week. Today, we learned that the Liberal’s legislation will instead give the government full spending powers and approvals without Parliament until the end of 2021,” complains the Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MP and resident of Winchester.

“I hope the Liberals sleep on this overnight and come to Parliament tomorrow with a serious, non-partisan bill that works together with all MPs and parties, helps people who are scared for their futures, and not give the Liberal cabinet unlimited spending power for 18 months,” suggests Duncan. “We are here to work together and help people- let’s do just that.”

The Bill up for debate tomorrow “goes well beyond previously announced measures and includes provisions that give the minority government the power to act unilaterally for months,” he says.

A limited number of MPs will take part in the House of Commons because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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