‘Community Strong’: North Dundas matching donations to Community Food Share up to $7,000

North Dundas Mayor Tony Fraser.

WINCHESTER — North Dundas Mayor Tony Fraser is challenging residents to donate money to Community Food Share.

Launching the campaign March 24, the township will match identified contributions to the local food bank to a maximum total of $7,000, Fraser said in this week’s video from municipal headquarters.

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, “it is very likely food banks will face a surge in demand as people try to cope with a short-term income gap,” explained Fraser. “Our local food bank, Community Food Share, believes that they are well positioned to scale up to meet the increase in demand, but they will need your help.

The mayor issues the challenge, below.

“Many of their usual fundraising events occur in public, but given the current environment, that is not a viable option…. I know that a lot of you are looking for a way to help in this difficult time.”

Donate and trigger a matching amount from the township by typing “North Dundas Matching Funds Campaign” in the applicable box at the  www.communityfoodshare.ca/donate/ online donation form.

“In this time of unprecedented change, the township continues to move forward and adapt,” said the mayor, emphasizing the regularly updated information on the township’s website and Facebook page.

Fraser also highlighted the “Community Strong” slogan added to the township’s social media page this week, saying he “couldn’t agree more” with its sentiment. “I’m so proud of the response that I’ve witnessed in the community over this past week….”

Lauding township residents for “stepping up to the plate,” the mayor also observed that a number of local businesses catalogued on the municipal website are now offering special services to assist people at home.

See the mayor’s entire video report, below.
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