NDDHS School Council organizes Virtual Spirit Days

by Carley Milne-Servage
NDDHS, Minister of Communications

This will be the third week that students and teachers are out of school, and it is not yet clear when we will be going back. Some teachers may be contacting their students about assignments that they can work on while we are out of school. Students are encouraged to seek out learning resources while at home in order to continue to practice their skills. 

North Dundas Student Council have been working to maintain school spirit and positivity during this break by running Virtual Spirit Days through their Instagram page. We started last week with pictures of our favourite pyjamas and some selfies with Snapchat or Instagram filters. Students can send in their pictures or tag @nddhs_sc1920 in their posts in order to participate. We are compiling all of the photos into posts at the end of the day for everyone to see. We encourage our staff and students to participate and share what they are doing during this time away from school!

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