J. W. MacIntosh Community Support Seniors’ Centre unveils new online reource for seniors during COVID-19 pandemic

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EASTERN ONTARIO — The  J. W. MacIntosh Community Support Seniors’ Centre is currently closed to the public due to the COVID-19 outbreak, that being said they are still available to support local seniors in need. 

As part of the Champlain Community Support Network they are able to offer various services through a new website https://communitysupport.covidresponse.ca/

In a release from the senior’s centre, Executive Director Tracy Crowder explains that the website is a helpful resource for The referral site is for seniors 65+ and adults with disabilities. 

“The site is available in both English and French and focuses on four key services:

  • Grocery and pharmacy delivery
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Telephone safety checks
  • Meals on Wheels

Services can be requested by residents as well as service providers. Individuals will complete a simple online request form indicating the needed services and their location. Requests for service will then be routed to the appropriate Community Support agency based on the location of the client.

We believe this will support community members and our health and community partners to quickly identify and refer to the services they require during COVID-19 for vulnerable seniors and adults living with a physical disability.” 

The website covers all of the Champlain network — Pembroke and Renfrew to Ottawa, Cornwall, and Dundas County.  

Though the website is for seniors only family and friends can apply on their behalf and signing up is very easy.

“There is no deadline, this site will remain in place until COVID is conquered. It is a way we are trying to reach out to seniors who do not currently access services from community support agencies, but who could use the help during this outbreak,” said Crowder.

“This website was created to help spread the word about services available to seniors, and to streamline requests for service during this unprecedented time,” she added. 

No internet or access to technology, no problem. 

“Seniors who don’t have access to technology can call us at 613-535-2924 and we will assist them,” insisted Crowder. 

Though the J. W. MacIntosh Community Support Seniors’ Centre is closed to the public, staff are still working diligently to support seniors in the community.

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