Inspiring signs for challenging times

NORTH DUNDAS — In their own ways, a South Mountain-area dairy farmer and a Winchester bridal shop are signalling optimism with signage in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.

At Yann Bossel’s dairy farm, a seeder has been festooned with the banner proclaiming the goodness of the operation’s primary product: “If milk is your booze, Corona will lose!” cheekily declares the tagline.

“The slogan was copied out of the USA,” says Bossel, who added the completing line,  “Drink milk, natural builder” to the bottom. Milk is not being touted as a cure for COVID-19, he says, but rather a natural builder of health at a time when staying strong and healthy is paramount.

He commissioned Curtis Sears in South Mountain to make the banners (three so far) along with some accompanying stickers, using the design he credits to Holly Lethbridge.

Meanwhile, the Bridals by Al-Mor shop in downtown Winchester recently made waves on social media with window coverings paying tribute to frontline healthcare workers. The effort by owner Kim Carruthers earned a shout-out from Winchester District Memorial Hospital itself.

Vince Zandbelt of the Winchester Downtown Revitalization Committee said he was “pleasantly surprised” by the initiative.

Also see photos below by Zandbelt below.

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