Local entrepreneurs develop new website to aid businesses and the community affected by COVID-19

Above, Entrepreneur Nanda Wubs. Smith photo, Nation Valley News.

NORTH DUNDAS — It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic is taking more than lives. It has caused a financial downfall for many families and especially small businesses. 

Owner of Wubs Transit, No Limits Auto Parts, and Precision Diesel, Nanda Wubs understands the concerns of fellow entrepreneurs and decided to do something about it. 

Wubs, along with help from Jen Feeny of Jen Feeny Marketing, has developed a website to promote local businesses and benefit the businesses, and community in many different ways. 

This initiative is also supported by the Township of North Dundas, Wubs Transit, Precision Diesel, No Limits Auto Parts, North Dundas Business Centre and Nation Valley News. 

In a mass email sent out by Wubs yesterday officially launching the website, she further detailed what the website offers the local community. 

I’m excited to announce the creation of a new website called www.myshoplocal.ca. (Also access the site directly below this article.) This website provides businesses an opportunity to keep the community informed regarding their business, which may include changes to hours, delivery or special discounts for frontline workers, etc. This initiative supports local businesses both during and after, the effects of COVID-19.”

The website touts benefits for businesses, the community and in future.

For Businesses:

  • Up to date information on business practices, special discounts for frontline workers, service hours and products offered.
  • Businesses offering COVID-19 related supplies or services are highlighted
  • Opportunity to sell gift cards for future use in support of currently closed businesses
  • Direct link to the business online store and social media page

“The website is also a benefit for the residents of North Dundas which will help them source the most current information on products and service offers, available during the mandated closures,” said Wubs.

“We are blessed to have the support of Nation Valley News, who will be running a banner ad to make the community aware,” she shared.  

For the Community:

  • Up to date information on current status of local businesses and services
  • Connecting frontline workers and healthcare professionals with special discount offers
  • A listing of COVID-19 related supplies and service providers
  • A map showing locations of businesses offering curb-side pickup

“This resource is crucial during these difficult and uncertain times and will be beneficial once life returns to normal. It will allow businesses to continue using this service, free of charge, to list their services and to reach customers, in order to grow their business that may have been lost during the COVID-19 closures,” Wubs explained.  

For the future:

  • Supports future growth of the township
  • An excellent resource for new residents and tourism visitors
  • Free resource for local businesses and residents
  • Online presence for businesses, including those without a website or social media

Wubs is overwhelmed by the support the community has already provided and hopes this new website will have an even greater impact.

“The community impact seen during COVID-19 is great, and we need to support each other both now and in the future. We believe that this project and website is an important piece in doing that,” concluded Wubs.

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