Township of South Stormont lifts total burn ban, effective April 29

Seen in image above: The new St. Andrews Fire Station in South Stormont opened last fall. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

SOUTH STORMONT — Township of South Stormont Fire Chief Gilles Crepeau has announced that the Township-wide burn ban will be lifted on Wednesday, April 29.

The Township initiated a Township-wide burn ban on March 19, in an effort to limit the amount of unnecessary responses from Fire and Emergency Services to allow for proper social distancing for all of our firefighters. On April 24, the burn ban was lifted for properties zoned Agricultural only, to allow farmers to prepare fields for the planting season. Beginning April 29, the ban will be lifted for all properties within the Township of South Stormont.

Residents are reminded that while the burn ban has been lifted across the Township, all fires must adhere to all conditions in the Open Air Burn By-law (2009-040) which can be accessed on The Township will implement a zero tolerance policy for failure to follow the conditions of the Open Air Burn By-law which can result in significant fines.

Burn permits are not required for recreational/cooking fires, however they are required for all other Open Air Fires, including Farm/Rural Open Air Fires and Windrows.

To apply for an Open Air Burn Permit, complete the Open Air Burn Permit Application, found on, and submit it via the drop-off box outside Town Hall or by regular mail including a cheque for the $10 permit fee.

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