‘We really are the most vetted people in Canada,’ writes restricted firearms licence holder

The Editor:

I wanted to take a moment to bring your attention to electronic petition E-2574. This petition has only been open for a week and is already the second largest petition in history — second to the petition against C-71, which is what put us in the position.

I would like to point out the undemocratic manner in which these firearms were reclassified, without debate or vote; also the timing of such changes during a pandemic and on the heels of such a horrible and tragic series of events in Portapique, Nova Scotia; and the absolute failure in the language of the law. It is a rushed and sloppy document.

The fact is, this will only take private property away from lawful citizens, meanwhile doing nothing to disarm criminals.

There are many speculations about the types of firearms used in Nova Scotia and their origin. Since there has not been an official release,  I will not include it. To this point in time, zero deaths can be attributed to the AR15.

In Canada, AR15s are restricted firearms. This means that they cannot be used anywhere except a government-approved site, you need an ATT (authorization to transport) to move this firearm, and storage regulation is very stringent. It also requires a different licence type for ownership.

In Canada, there is no legal definition of an “assault weapon,” but the normally accepted one is a gun that has fully automatic fire and a large capacity magazine. Here in Canada, civilians have not been able to own fully automatic firearms since about 1977. Magazine capacity is limited to five rounds.

As restricted firearms licence holders (RPAL), we are run through the Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC) database daily and our homes are available for inspection by the RCMP at their request.

We really are the most vetted people in Canada.

Please consider checking out these websites (below) for more info. The second is designed as a teaching aid, to advise of how gun control really is in Canada. There are several informative video and then a quiz with a chance to win $50. There is also a second level with more videos and a new test, and another $50. Try it out.

Dave DeCook
Toyes Hill Angus
Toyes Hill 


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