A life-changing experience: ‘I feel so free, it is almost sinful’

Cannabis 101: CBD vs THC

A column by Dr. Pierre Milot, PhD.

Part 2


I have been intolerant and allergic to all kinds of dairy products, from MMI’s (modified milk ingredients) to whey or casein, all milk proteins and lactose for over 40 years. Over that time, my condition got so bad that just by ingesting a tiny little bit of dairy products, I would go into a hypoglycemic fit that would keep me tied down in bed up to a full day and sometimes up to two days. When that happened, I was devastated by intolerable migraines, nausea, general weakness and I had to wear sun glasses in the unlit house, couldn’t read, couldn’t watch tv.

It was pure hell and there was nothing I could do about it except suck on candies, gulp down Oxycodone for pain and Gravol to fight nausea until my system cleared itself from the intoxicating substances.

You would think that one would learn and eliminate dairy products altogether from one’s diet, and I did, but sometimes I would get caught by cross-contamination or omissions on dairy products labelling. Other times it was while dinning at family or friend gatherings that I got caught again. In effect, in spite of my warnings to my hosts of my allergies, they either didn’t think my problem was that bad or they simply were not aware that their meal preparations contained the guilty allergen (often hidden under a different name). I simply cannot count the times that this happened and eventually had to bring my own food everywhere I went. I was past being embarrassed and I didn’t care if people were upset or not about this.

Now, free of these food allergies, I am writing this article this morning after sampling at least six different kinds of cheeses yesterday and eating whatever I wanted (including two Tim Horton donuts) without even having a second thought about my diet, and guess what? I am not sick!

It’s been forty years my friends, forty years of being afraid, of deprivations and anxiety at the thought of being sick every time I ate out, either at restaurants, friends or family’s parties. It is over, no more sugar crashes, migraines, nausea, and it has been this way for the past six months at least. Granted, I still get the occasional low blood sugar reaction in the morning as I haven’t eaten all night (before, I had to eat snacks every three to four hours), but the situation is corrected as soon as I have my breakfast.

I feel so free, it is almost sinful. I am not claiming that CBD will have the same extraordinary effect on everyone, but nevertheless, there are countless testimonials that can attest to similar positive results with all kinds of other health conditions.

But the world is paved with small injustices because now that I can eat anything I want, including the old worst culprits (my weakness) such as donuts, pastries, chocolate bars, pizzas, etc., I am plagued with another and not insignificant little problem: weight gain. I can attest to the fact that CBD did not help me lose the extra 25 pounds I gained during my discoveries (although some claim to have lost weight while taking CBD) but I really don’t mind, I look happier people say.

Another significant improvement, not to be ignored is the fact that my Latin artistic temper (Latina Temper: the act of having compassion then being irritated and impatient in a matter of minutes, all the while maintaining an attitude) has become much steadier and better balanced, even after drinking a cup of coffee.
Yes, drinking coffee, even one cup, would have transported me into an emotional whirlwind of impatience and confrontation, but now: no more. Coffee still does not agree very well with me, but at least I can have a cup here and there without turning into a grump. One word again: CBD

Psoriasis and skin rashes: another success story. Before CBD, I would have to wash my hair every second day with strong anti-dandruff shampoo, and still get the itch on my scalp and face. After CBD, I’m done with the rashes and I’m down to washing my hair once a week (I still use anti dandruff shampoo mind you, but
nevertheless, this is a huge improvement for me).

As the days and months go along, I notice other changes taking place surreptitiously such as tolerating gluten and breads of all kinds without the traditional stomach cramps and nausea.

But, by no means is cannabis a cure all. My observations tell me that it’s not necessarily a cure, but act mainly as a homeostasis (the body’s way of balancing all it’s complex systems) stabilizer, and if you stop taking it the condition may reoccur. For instance, as I write these lines, I notice the old familiar symptoms of
dairy products intolerance creeping back on me, mainly in the form of headaches and light nausea, as I have of lately reduced the potency of my CBD as a test.

Proof one more time (it’s the second time I do this reducing potency test), that the beneficial effects of CBD may only be temporary if not taken regularly, but the future will tell.

In my next article, I will start covering THC, the psychoactive element in Cannabis.

Once again, I encourage you to email me any questions you might have on cannabis, request more explanations or share a success story with other readers at drpierremilot@mail.com

Talk to you soon.

Dr. Pierre Milot, PhD., is a Certified Medical Cannabis Counsellor
 and resident of Winchester, Ontario.

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