Choir members flash mob unsuspecting shoppers

Members of the Russell Male Choir sing 'We Rise Again' with a flash-mob performance at Russell Foodland.

Tom Van Dusen
Nation Valley News

RUSSELL — Don’t ever suggest the Russell Male Choir isn’t “with it”!

A group of “older gentlemen” with nowhere to sing because of COVID-19 restrictions, RMC has taken its weekly rehearsals to Zoom. After working out some initial confusion, the choir under youngster director Kacper Waclawski has got the system down pat.

On Friday afternoon, RMC took it up a notch by organizing its first-ever flash mob at Russell Foodland.

With advance approval from management, several choir members entered the store shortly before 3 p.m. posing as regular shoppers, eventually gathering in the produce section.

See the performance, below.

Soloist Richard Manningham pulled out a mini amplifier and Waclawski suddenly had an accordion in his hands … and the singers launched into “We Rise Again,” the inspirational song made famous by Canada’s Rankin Family.

“In theses COVID times the song seemed fitting,” said RMC coordinator Harry Baker. “For the past several weeks, our usual audiences of seniors living in residences and care centres have been closed off. It was a chance to give our chords a workout before a live, captive audience.”

Only the one tune was performed and then RMC members went about their grocery shopping, accepting thanks and praise from other customers as they went.

While no decision has been made about an encore, Russell area residents may eventually see RMC singers pop up again where they least expect them.

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