Ontario paramedics celebrated during Paramedic Services Week

Prescott and Russell paramedics sample a person at Prescott and Russell Residence, May 1. Courtesy photo

ONTARIO — Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the important role Paramedic Services play in keeping communities across Ontario safe and healthy has never been more apparent. Paramedic Services Week, which takes place from May 24 to 30, is an opportunity to recognize the tireless work and dedication of paramedics. This year’s theme is Pandemic: Paramedics on the Front Line. 

Paramedics are like no other healthcare professional. They are at the scene in emergencies when patients are their most vulnerable. They also work in communities with healthcare teams to keep people at home and out of the hospital emergency room through many innovative and dynamic community paramedic programs. These services have been even more critical during the pandemic. 

“As we celebrate Paramedic Services Week 2020 in Ontario our activities will be different than other years,” states Chief Neal Roberts, President of the OAPC. “COVID-19 stay at home directives and social distancing will not allow for open houses at paramedic stations, public mall displays and interactive public events. However, the role and contribution of paramedics on the front lines during COVID-19 has gained significant recognition during these difficult times. The respect and gratitude for paramedics has never been higher.” 

Join us this week to thank and raise awareness of the enormous contribution of highly skilled Paramedic Services’ staff to maintain safe and healthy communities. 

For more details of how Ontario’s paramedics are responding during COVID-19, visit www.oapc.ca. 

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