Parmalat Winchester provides updates on efforts to eliminate odours

WINCHESTER — The Winchester plant wastewater treatment facility modernization project activities have now resumed and planned projects related to the last three major components of the new system are now being implemented concurrently. 

The first project to be completed over the next few weeks will be the commissioning of the centrifuge that concentrates and dries organic matter present in the plant’s wastewater. The centrifuge equipment and process will be entirely contained in a closed, climate-controlled building to eliminate odours and the organic matter will be transported off site two to three times per day once the system is fully operational. 

The second component to be installed and activated by the end of June will be an Actiflow system clarifier. The improved and innovative clarifier component has the capacity to manage higher volumes of production wastewater that will result in eliminating all odours. 

The third component is a major project that will replace all existing aeration lagoons, a known source of odours. A single aeration tank system, will ensure system equilibrium and eliminate odours year-round. At this time, the sludge lagoon will have been emptied and spread in the farmers’ fields. 

Once again, to keep the circulation of trucks to a minimum on Gladstone Street and in the town centre over the summer months, truck traffic will be directed out of the plant via the northern exit on Liscumb Road. Lactalis Canada’s goal is to keep unpleasant odours to a minimum over the summer months as it transitions to this new state-of-the-art system. 

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