Council must ensure ‘future well-being and quality of life’ of residents by backing Yurek

Above, North Stormont Township resident Ruby Mekker addresses North Stormont Council at a meeting during the summer of 2019.

The Editor:

This letter has been forwarded to the Mayor of North Stormont.

Mayor Wert,

The Nation Rise Community Fund Agreement states on Page 1, under “Recitals”:

AND WHEREAS, the Wind Company wishes to further its policy of good corporate citizenship to enhance the economic development and future well-being and quality of life of the citizens of the Municipality

As such, EDP has “breached” the “covenant” agreement:

– ongoing well issues west of Crysler
– reduced property values
– loss of quiet enjoyment of property
– opposition to fire suppression
– created worry and stress — from reduced property values, observed well issues, future health issues from size, proximity and clustering of untested turbines.
– homes impacted by shadow flicker

As such, all Council members of North Stormont Township have a fiduciary duty to protect the residents from harm.

The Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks, Jeff Yurek, has revoked the license.  Now the Township has a legal obligation to protect the people and support the minister’s stand.

You have been repeatedly informed of the issues.  If you require any additional information to help you fulfill your judiciary duty to “future well-being and quality of life of the citizens of the Municipality,” please ask.

Ruby Mekker

Below, letter writer Ruby Mekker shared this recent YouTube video provided by an evidently furious Lucknow, Ontario, resident living among the K2 Wind project turbines and complaining about the “shadow flicker” captured in the footage. K2 is owned by Axium Infrastructure, also the majority owner of the Nation Rise project in North Stormont. Warning: The video below includes coarse language.


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