Positive COVID-19 test closes Ross Video Iroquois facility until Friday

IROQUOIS — An employee has tested positive for COVID-19 at Ross Video’s Iroquois plant, prompting the multi-million-dollar tech firm to close the operation until this Friday.

“Yes, unfortunately, it’s true,” company President and CEO David Ross confirmed for NVN by email, before referring the matter to Jeff Poapst, Senior Vice President, Manufacturing and Services, for further comment.

“We were informed early this morning that one employee received a positive test late last night, and so we’ve closed the facility until Friday, June 5 to provide time for any potential virus in the building to degrade,” said Poapst by email. “While we’re confident that the physical distancing protocols we implemented in mid March are effective, we’ve advised all on the crew with the individual to get tested before returning to work, and are working with both local Public Health units on contact tracing. We feel the information we’ve provided our staff has helped limit any potential risk, and we’re working to ensure our staff, their families and others in the community are kept safe. We expect that we’ll be back in the facility Friday. Our twice daily cleaning continues, as will our other precautions to ensure appropriate safety while our staff are on site.”

Headquartered in Ottawa, Ross Video Ltd.’s original Iroquois location and video-switching production facility, in the Municipality of South Dundas, falls under Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) jurisdiction.

Poapst added the firm is protecting the privacy of the infected employee and “not divulging personal details at this time.”

Eastern Ontario Medical Officer of Health Dr. Paul Roumeliotis revealed yesterday that the EOHU has been coordinating on the Ross case with the Leeds-Grenville Health Unit, where the infected individual resides.

The case appears to be the first disclosed COVID-19 infection pinpointed to a specific town or workplace within the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. The EOHU otherwise limits geographic case data to SDG as a whole, with no further detail on location. To date, there have been 26 positive cases in SDG since the start of the pandemic, with 21 of those having recovered so far.

This article has been updated to reflect Dr. Paul Roumeliotis’s information on the infected individual’s area of residence.

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