WDMH Foundation encourages you to ‘get out your clippers’ for their new Haircut for Health challenge

Above, screenshot capture from Mayor Tony Fraser's video.

Get Out the Clippers! 

We all miss our hairdressers and it looks like it might be a bit longer before we can visit the barbershop or salon. So maybe it’s time for another option.

Welcome to Haircuts for Health. It’s the first fundraiser of its kind in our region and it will support Winchester District Memorial Hospital and their frontline healthcare heroes.

The WDMH Foundation is challenging you to a COVID chop for good!  Give a cut – or get a cut from a quarantine buddy – and direct the funds you would have spent on a ‘professional’ haircut to the WDMH Foundation. Don’t forget about your pets too.

Mayor Tony Fraser was first on board, getting a much-needed haircut!  Watch his video below:

“Everyone is doing their best during this extraordinary time and now we want you to look your best too,” says Managing Director Kristen Casselman. “Hopefully, there will be some big smiles at the same time. So get out your garbage bag cape and get cutting.”

Once you’ve finished your masterpiece and have made a donation, don’t forget to share your new ‘do’ on social media using the hashtags #haircutsforhealth and #wdmhfoundation. Then challenge your friends to a Haircut for Health too.  You can all be part of the COVID Cuts Hall of Fame!

For all the details, visit https://trellis.org/haircuts-for-health-wdmh. If you have questions, please call Cindy Peters at 613-774-2422 ext. 6172.

Below: NVN editor Nelson Zandbergen experiences the next evolution in hair-cutting in the #wdmhfoundation’s #haircutsforhealth challenge, with the help of a celebrity simian. Please note, NVN also believes you should support your local hard-hit hairdresser/barbershop (finally able to reopen this Friday after the COVID-19 lockdown). The good news is, you can rest assured that a professional is available to fix your ‘do’ after putting an amateur to work on your cranium in this worthy WDMH Foundation – WDMHF fundraiser!
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