Lake St. Lawrence to continue to rise intentionally for next day or so

The Morrisburg beach, as photographed in the spring of 2017. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

SOUTH DUNDAS & SOUTH STORMONT — The artificial Lake St. Lawerence, created between Iroquois and Cornwall, began to rise 30 cm or 1 foot yesterday.

Rob Caldwell, Canadian Secretary of the International Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River Board says that temporary outflow reductions are required for approximately 48 hours “to allow Hydro-Quebec to finish safely installing several safety booms around their structures prior to summer.”

According to Caldwell the work was started earlier this spring and was reported in the board’s April 30 media release.

“Outflows will be increased again once the work is completed,” concluded Caldwell.


Just in from Rob Caldwell: “We just got word from Hydro-Quebec that they found a broken boom during their installation this week. The winds are forecasted to be too high to safely complete this repair for a few days. So the board will increase the flow tomorrow as planned, then reduce it to a similar value for perhaps 24 hours this weekend. So you’ll see a bit of down then up then down this week.”

Update, June 10, 2020:

Caldwell now says the water level on Lake St. Lawrence will stabilize this weekend: “We just got word that Hydro-Quebec finished all of their boom-related work ahead of schedule, including the repair of the broken boom. Outflows will increase at 5 p.m. today, where they will remain going forward, without any large decrease this weekend.

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