Long Sault Parkway opens but day-use areas still closed; seasonal camping starts at Farran, McLaren campgrounds

The Long Sault Parkway. Image is ©Google

Transient camping reservations cancelled through June 25 at Woodlands, Ivy Lea, June 30th at other SLPC sites

LONG SAULT — A partial and cautious reopening of some St. Lawrence Parks Commission (SLPC) recreational properties began today — including re-entry of traffic onto the Long Sault Parkway — as the regional operator slowly emerges from the COVID-19 lockdown.

However, the SLPC still hasn’t opened regular transient camping and has cancelled all reservations up to June 25 at the Woodlands and Ivy Lea campgrounds — and June 30th at remaining campsites. Those timelines also apply to cabins and roofed accommodations.

And while the SLPC has opened the Long Sault Parkway to traffic, effective today (June 12), day-use areas along the scenic route remain closed. “No stopping, parking, picnicking, fishing or boat ramp access will be permitted until further notice,” the agency warns on its website. “Visitors are still be permitted to walk, jog and cycle the parkway utilizing the shoulder of the road while practicing safe physical distancing (2 metres).”

Seasonal campers are in luck, though, as that option becomes available today, with seasonal camping contracts being honoured in accordance with provincial directives at the Farran and McLaren campgrounds in South Stormont. “Seasonal campsites will be available for trailers and recreational vehicles by the terms of a full season contract and two serviced campsites (electricity and water) that can self-contain and must have a means for sewage disposal. Pump out services will not be available. All campers must be from the same household.”

Rules around COVID-19 haven’t gone away for those individuals that do get to relax in the SLPC’s great outdoors. Campers are required to follow social distancing rules. Individuals who rent several sites must “utilize their own campsites” with no congregating permitted, warns the SLPC.

In further evidence of these unusual times, all common areas within campgrounds — including washrooms and showers — are closed until further notice. Similarly off limits are laundry facilities, play structures, beaches, shoreline activities, internal campground dock slips and picnic shelters. And forget about the beach; it’s closed, too.

Perhaps the best known local jewel in the SLPC’s crown — Upper Canada Village — remains closed.






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