S. Dundas Mayor, Steven Byvelds, elected chair of Joint Liaison Committee 

Courtesy photo

SDG COUNTIES – County Councillor Steven Byvelds has been elected chair of the Joint Liaison Committee – a group that meets regularly to discuss the shared services that are administered on behalf of residents in SDG and the City of Cornwall. 

The chair’s position is filled on a rotating basis, with SDG and the City of Cornwall taking alternate turns in chairing the committee. 

Coun. Byvelds election into his new role was unanimous. 

The shared services that are administered in the city and SDG, include social/housing services, court and paramedic services. 

“We have a wonderful relationship with our friends in the City of Cornwall and I look forward to maintaining the links we have fostered as this important committee continues to meet and make decisions for the residents of the County and the City of Cornwall,” said Byvelds.

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