Canada Pride Month: ‘We cannot go idle now’

For the first time, the SD&G OPP have been flying the Gay Pride flag over the South Dundas Justice Building in Morrisburg. South Dundas Council granted the detachment permission after a brief discussion last month. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

The Editor: 

As we close out Canada Pride Month, we want to recognize the progress made and the steps to come with respect to LGBT2Q+ rights and equity.

In day to day life, our society has become more accepting and inclusive of the full range of sexual identity. Last summer 2019, Cornwall held a popular pride parade that was warmly welcomed and well attended by many, including the mayor of Cornwall. What’s more, last fall, voters in SDSG elected the first ever openly gay Conservative Member of Parliament.

That all being said, we cannot go idle now. The ban of conversion therapies federally was an important first step, but there are many other forms of abuse inflicted against LBGTQ2+ Ontarians. The provincial government must do more to address those needs, as well as other areas of equity and inclusion long ignored by past governments. Otherwise, we risk becoming complacent to the ongoing discrimination that members of the LBGTQ2+ community still face in our province to this day.

Let’s work together to respect, include, and celebrate everyone.

Abid Hussain


Provincial Liberal Association of Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry


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