33-year WDMH veteran, Brenda Winter retires after comforting many chemotherapy patients 

Above, Brenda Winter. Courtesy photo

WINCHESTER Brenda Winter has worked at WDMH for 33 years, and most of that time, she has worked in Ambulatory Care and Chemotherapy. As she gets ready to retire today, Brenda says she will miss the patients so much. 

“I love them,” she says. “One of the cancer patients sent me a text to say that she was sad I was leaving. I made her a deal that I would come in for one of her treatments when I can.” 

That is the kind of dedication that Brenda is known for. She began her career at WDMH after her grandmother told her to go and apply. “Three months later, while I was on maternity leave, I got a job. So, my grandmother had to look after the kids,” Brenda laughs. 

Brenda started in the business office, back when the OR schedules were written by hand. “Then the typewriters arrived and then came the computers. We thought we were going to have heart failure,” she remembers. When a new position was created in outpatient clinics, Brenda stepped up. 

Brenda says she will also miss her co-workers and the WDMH volunteers. “I start my day by coming in the front door just so I can have a chat with the volunteers at the desk,” she says. “And I’m going to especially miss my colleague Rhonda Cinnamon. We’ve worked together for so many years. We say things at the same time and can read each other’s minds!” In fact, Brenda and Rhonda were awarded the WDMH Values Excellence Award a few years ago to recognize their commitment to supporting patients. It was an honour well deserved. 

Congratulations Brenda and enjoy more time with your children and two grandchildren Tilly and Connor! 

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