No one injured in Williamsburg house fire

Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

WILLIAMSBURG — Firefighters battled a serious three-alarm house fire here this week.

No injuries resulted from the July 7 blaze at Mike Aubé’s place at the west end of the village, and the cause has yet to be determined, says South Dundas Director of Fire and Emergency Services Cameron Morehouse.

An automotive repair garage also stands on the property. The fire was limited to the house, Morehouse confirmed.

Firefighters toiled under the merciless sun and sweltering temperatures in the mid 30s to extinguish the flames early that evening. Smoked billowed out of the upstairs windows as water sprayed from a hose below. NVN watched as a firefighter ascended a ladder and cut into the building with a chainsaw.

Courtesy photo by Bradley Markell

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