WDMHF Board member Chris Chevalier donates birthday money to Family Care Fund, encourages others to as well

Courtesy photo

WINCHESTER Chris Chevalier says she has enough stuff. So, when friends asked what she wanted for her birthday, she had the perfect answer. “I didn’t need any gifts,” said Chris. “So, I asked everyone to make a donation to the Family Care Fund at the WDMH Foundation instead. It was a great way for everyone to support local health care.” Chris’s friends donated $330.

Facebook birthday fundraisers are a new trend that is catching on. They are safe and secure, and donations go directly to the charity via PayPal. Donors can also opt in to get a charitable tax receipt.

Chris has served on the Foundation’s Board for the past several years and says she has seen the good work being done: “The Family Care Fund supports families just like ours. Donations are used where they are needed most – to buy new medical equipment, upgrade existing equipment or meet other urgent needs at WDMH.”

Cindy Peters, the Foundation’s Manager of Direct Mail & Events loves the idea and recently did her own birthday fundraiser for WDMH. “I hope that others might be inspired by Chris’s generosity and hold their own Facebook fundraisers,” she says. “It’s a great way to celebrate a milestone and help out WDMH at the same time. Thanks Chris.”

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