Catch the Ace earnings to date to be divvied between all participating charities

RUSSELL — In light of current COVID-19 situation, the Kin Club of Russell Catch the Ace online sales and sales of paper tickets with our selected merchants are still not prepared to resume tickets sales until our members, the members of the public and the merchants that have been loyal to the organization are in a safer position to do so.

In light of the extent of the delay and the Kin Club of Russell’s understanding that charities have suffered a great deal during this undeniably stressful time, they have decided to help out all the charities that are recipients of the proceeds by donating to each charity an undisclosed amount towards their end amount. The charities concerned are: Cystic Fibrosis Canada (Ottawa Chapter), Breast Cancer Action Ottawa, Osgoode Care Centre, Russell Minor Hockey Association, Valoris Foundation and Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation. These charities are grateful for receiving interim funds to continue to provide their clients with essential programs and services.

Our Facebook page and our website will keep our patrons apprised of changes and date sales will resume. 

More information is available through the Kin Club of Russell at 613-445-6483; email:, website:, or on the Kin Club of Russell Facebook page. The website and Facebook page are updated regularly. 

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